Tachograph Installation and Calibration

We stock all you will need for your Tachograph centre, from full rolling roads to the associated equipment such as CD3 consoles.

BTC01 RightFrame (Front)£1609.60 Each
BTC01 LeftFrame (Front)£1604.60 Each
BTC02Roller - Drive / Exchange£ 600.00 Each
BTC03Roller - Idle - Front Frame / Exchange£ 580.00 Each
BTC20Prop Shaft£ 243.00 Each
RR-KIT-05Odometer Roll Kit Drop Frame£1887.22 Each
BTC91Bulb 4.75v 0.5a Prefocus£     2.00 Each
BTC94Roll of Reflective Tape (Hartridge) £   60.00 Each

BTC04Bearing (Two per Roller)£  38.00 Each
BTC05Bearing Housing to Frame (Two per Roller)£  60.00 Each
BTC06Bearing Housing 'O' Ring (Two per Roller)£  00.50 Each
BTC07Bearing Casing Cast Iron (Two per Roller)£  60.00 Each
BTC10Airbag Universal Flat Type£ 180.00 Each
BTC11Brake Shoe / Exchange£  60.00 Each
BTC12Spring (Two per Frame)£  02.00 Each
BTC13Spring Hook (Four per Frame)£  01.50 Each
BTC14Tension Spring 10G (Four per Frame)£  03.00 Each
BTC15Spring Clip (Four per Frame)£  03.00 Each

Front Drive Roller (New)

2 x BTC04, 2 x BTC07, 4 x BTC06 (Exchange)

£ 900.00 Each

Rear Roller (Small/New)

2 x BTC04, 2 x BTC07, 4 x BTC06 (Exchange) 

£1000.00 Each
RR-KIT-14Brake Shoes (Front - Set of 8 / Exchange)£ 516.00 Each
RR-KIT-15Brake Shoes (Rear - Set of 8 / Exchange)£ 232.00 Each

BTC179 (Right)Rear Frame - Right £1290.00 Each
BTC179 (Left)Rear Frame - Left £1290.00 Each
BTC180Rear Roller / Exchange£  600.00 Each
RR-KIT-02Standard Ramps (Set of Two)£  378.00 Each

BTC33Brake Shoe Outer / Exchange£  40.00 Each
BTC34Brake Shoe Inner / Exchange£  40.00 Each
BTC35Brake Pins£  11.50 Each
BTC39Brake Link Bar£  25.00 Each
BTC40Brake Link Bar Nuts£  02.00 Each
BTC41Spring Return Left Hand£  03.00 Each
BTC42Spring Retun Right Hand£  03.00 Each
BTC177Brake Link Bar Anchorage£  17.00 Each

BTC26Odometer Roll outer Fabric£ 564.00 Each
BTC27Odometer Roll Drop Frame£ 334.00 Each
BTC47Odometer Roll Bearing (Two per Roller)£   25.00 Each
BTC48Odometer Roll 'O' Ring£   01.50 Each
BTC51Odometer Roll Shaft Assembly£ 155.00 Each
BTC61Odometer Pickup£   81.00 Each
BTC64Odometer Roll Wheel (Two per Roller)£   90.00 Each 
BTC69Spring Tensator £  38.00 Each
BTC82Buffer (Set of Two) £  15.00 Each
BTC83Cable Bowden £  06.00 Each

Please note all prices are exclusive of VAT, which will be charged at the current standard rate.

Prices are correct as at May 2012. Prices are subject to change without prior notice or update to this site.